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The Prairie Acre is working to bring old-time music to a new generation. Every time they start making their distinctively twangy sound, they're doing their part to keep alive the pre-MP3, pre-CD, pre-LP era when the best way to enjoy good music was to play it with your friends and neighbors.

PHOTO BY Matt Needham

Noah Musser:
Has been playing banjo since 1997, and is an instructor at the Americana Music Academy, in Lawrence.
Greg Yother:
purchased his first guitar from a pawn shop in 1986. We believe the fretboard was actually made of recycled tires. His strong rhythym and unique style of playing are a key ingredient in The Prairie Arcre’s high-energy sound.
Tricia Spencer:
Has been playing fiddle since she was 4 years old. She was taught fiddle in the old-time tradition by her grandfather, and has won numerous fiddle contests.

Virginia Musser:
Has been playing bass since 2002—when Tricia, Greg, and Noah decided to peer pressure her into joining the band.